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What to Wear for Winter
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What to Wear for Winter
November 29, 2015

Winter again is set to be a bleak and cold one where the wind rattles our bones and the snow gets into our boots. The best way to limit and even prevent this sort of thing from happening is with a few new pieces of nice heavy apparel to help keep the icy maiden away. So, what is the best winter clothing for men for winter 2011 and what sort of Dublin deals should we be looking out for?


Shoes make the man or so Mark Twain once said and the footwear for this season is solid with a penchant for the spectacular. The brogue and the brogue boot are both common this year and offer wearers both style and function. The boot can be worn with mountain socks tucked in or over a pair of trousers for a nice and neat look. These boots are also extremely comfortable and have the lightness of a shoe and support of a boot.

Of course it is hard to overlook the brogue itself. Like the Oxford, the brogue offers a solid shoe with a hint of grandeur. The shoe is a comfortable one that is amazingly versatile and can be worn to work on a semi casual basis and looks just as well in the pub.

This flexibility and the fact that if you invest in a good pair that can be resolved you will have a good pair of shoes for ever is also to be noted.

What to Wear for WinterThe duffle coat is very popular this year and fortunately is a staple item for every year The long coat with toggles is worthy of an investment, can be worn in casual or semi casual expeditions and gives an almost unrivalled amount of heat.

The Pea Coat for men is also a very common piece of apparel and offers an even more dressed up option than that of the duffle coat. The strong lines of this piece of outerwear, the vague military appeal and the fact it looks good in a range of colours ensures that it is a piece of clothing that is worth investing in and if you get daily deals on such items – all the better.


It is not just men’s bodies and temperatures that need looking after, but also a bit of grooming doesn’t go astray and Dublin City Deals which offer haircuts and wet shaves are also quite common. In fact there is surprisingly, little more relaxing than a wet shave – though you’d never think it. The shave allows for an extremely close cut and one that leaves you with soft an hair free skin – ideal for a date or a special night out. Often available on Dublin deals, this can be a real treat for a man.


Close to home with this one, but the cable knit and even the Aran jumper are quite common for this coming year. These jumpers provide a warm and natural feel and one that if once again bought with a discerning eye can be used for a number of seasons.

The cable knit, though it comes from the West of IrelandHealth Fitness Articles, was taken upon by Ralph Lauren in the 1950s and changed from a functional fisherman’s sweater to a stylish piece of outerwear. This jumper can be teamed up to excellent effect with the boots on offer and a nice heavy coat to create a nice natural feel and one that looks great anywhere during the winter.


Jeans have once again gotten a bit of a shrift and trousers are again common for this coming winter. Woollen based leg covers or chino and cord are very common and replace the trends of the previous few years. Berry is a common colour among others around the purple spectrum and can really boost a piece of clothing with a little bit of creativity.

Daily deals offer an excellent way to get great deals on everything from clothing to treatments and a aggregate site such as offers you the chance to see Ireland’s best daily deals every day.

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